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Where are you located?

Please visit our directions page for detailed directions.

What type of fish will I catch?

Spot-Croaker -Flounder-Stripped bass-Trout. We drift fish so it's not uncommon to catch a wide range of fish

What is the Fishing Season?

Our fishing season begins in May and ends in October

What are your rates?

Please visit our rates page for detailed information.

Do I need a fishing license?

License fee is included in fishing trip fee.

Do I need to bring a rod?

We offer rod rental at $5/person.

The bottom rig is included. Additional rigs can be purchased from the boat. Please let us know when you schedule your trip if you need rental rods.

Do I need to bring bait?

We offer 1 Lb Bags of squid for sale on the boat for $3.50

Can I bring a cooler?

Most people bring too many and too large of a cooler or coolers. The space on the boat is limited, bring a 30 to 45 Qt cooler with your ice and drinks -lunch in it- bring a trash bag to put your fish in inside your cooler or bring a small lunch cooler. No 100 or 150 Qt coolers will be allowed on the boat for one or 2 persons unless it is a charter.

Can I bring hard liquor on the boat?

No. Insurance regulations do not allow liquor on the boat.